Friday, January 6, 2012

Goals - updated

I am so excited to already have had a few things crossed off my list even before the new year technically started. (You can see my original Goal List "here") Even though this one also happened before New Years, I am still excited- and forgot! - to cross my number 6 off my list! =)

6. Get sweet editing software for my sweet camera

My beautiful Bridget!

#'s 2,3,4 and 7 I see all happening in the next month or two. =D  <--that smiley face cant get any bigger!

I've been taking tons of pictures of the you can tell...but I still have to work on getting pictures of myself. (and The Boo too of course)

Lydia helping me cook
Silly Girl!!

#25- I have DEFINITELY made huge leaps being more positive and calm, with the kids and overall, but I'm not going to cross it off my list until the very last day of the year. Some of them will be constant works in progress and even if I am currently achieving them, I still have to strive farther.

My Sweet T (hehe)

Well that's all for now, the oven timer just beeped and the smell of more * beer bread * is making me slobber...hahaha!

Keep at your resolutions! Everyone slides back here and there, never get defeated!


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