Monday, January 2, 2012


Boys will be boys...aaand apparently facial hair is a big deal to dudes. I, personally, am not the biggest fan of facial hair. When I go to kiss my man..I dont want to be attacked by sandpaper, have 'stache hair going up my nose, etc. That being said, I cant take away something so deeply ingrained in the male psyche related to their manhood or masculinity. (haha...silly boys) So I came up with the idea of Hairy January which I later dubbed "Janu-hairy". Kyle gets to grow all the facial hair he wants for the duration of January...but in turn that means I'm not shaving my legs. ha. Kinda unappealing, yes. BUT think of all the time I get to save in the shower..and moms out there, you know how hard it can be sometimes to even be able to get one in! I know there's No-Shave November, but it's colder in January...(and Janu-hairy is a much more clever name, in my opinion at least! hehe) So he'll get to have a warm face-just in time for the cold front that just came in last night!- and I get to have warm legs. Yes....I am aware hairy legged chicks arent pretty...and it will drive me crazy! But we made a deal and we're just going to have to endure. haha  Day 2 isnt very different...but I'll have to do an update two weeks in. =)

P.S. We're also on day two of Turner's potty chart. Even though he went through 4 pairs of underwear, he still got 7 stickers on his chart! =)   Sooo..are there any moms out there with potty training advice for me? Been trying this for a while but its just not taking.



  1. Hello!

    I have just come across your beautiful blog.
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  2. Hello there! I'll be glad to check yours out after I finish my new post in a few. Thanks for adding my blog! =)