Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girls, Girls. Two Silly Girls

Bridget. See that mischeivious smile?

Bridget hovering while Kyle cooked.

Lydi not playing nice for mommy's camera


Ahhhh! Potties!!! They tell each other to sit down. Its too funny
This just cracks me up. hehe
 Lydia has no shame
Bridget is a little more scandalized!
Bridget my little monkey...and Lydia...chewing on a screw. Cant quite figure out why she does that.

Well, there's my silly, beautiful girls from over the last week. We'll have a peek at the * boys * of the house tomorrow. They are Quite interesting.... =)



  1. 1. Do your kiddos like that piano? We've been eyeballing it for a while.
    2. Where oh where did you get that trampoline set-up?! OMG would E love that!!
    3. When did T potty train? We are so anxious to get E out of diapers but he's not interested in the potty. Instead, he just tells us when he needs to be changed by patting the front of his diaper.
    4. Your little family is sooo cute!

    1. Yes, they love the piano. And I'm so glad there's volume control on it!
      I got the trampoline at Toys R Us. I dont know if its only around the holidays, but they supposedly sell quickly.
      T is just since the 1st really been doin much with the potty. I decided it was his New Years resolution. lol I got a poster board and made a huge potty chart out of it. When he fills one of the rows with stickers, he gets to pick a prize. These last two weeks have been going pretty well!! But it's good he tells you when he needs to be changed, that's one of the first steps to being ready. Let him run around naked and sit him on the potty about 30-40 minutes after he has a cup.
      And thank you!! =)

    2. Volume control on toys is genius...until they learn to turn it up on high. We have that mastermind in our house now, haha. I'll have to check out that trampoline and see if they have it or if I can find one similar. I'm sure E would wear himself out on that thing. I always heard girls are easier to PT than boys and that they train a lot sooner. That is suuuch a good idea with the chart! E will sit on the potty for like 15 seconds and then say, "All done!" and get up. Haha. Hopefully we'll be able to get him interested in training by his second birthday and can really begin to work on it. I'm tired of toddler poop. :)

  2. They probably have that trampoline online.
    I'd heard that about PT too. Turner is three...sooo it really depends on when they're ready. So dont be too disappointed, E is still very little! A friend of mine gave her daughter M&Ms just for sitting on the potty to keep the interest. You could try making him sit there longer than 15 seconds because he'll hae to realize what he's is being rewarded for. And I SOO feel you...I'm tired of poo all around! haha

    1. And you have poop of three babies, not just 2!! Hehe. :)