Monday, January 30, 2012

90's Treasure Trove

Today I was able to finally able to get to re-organizing and cleaning my room....again. With three kids it can be very difficult to actually get to it. With the living situation still being with my parents for a little while longer, there's my kids' and my own things all in one room. 4 in 1. It gets very cluttered very quickly and once it's cleaned, well, it only stays that way until I need to get something out. =/ So these next two days are partly dedicated to figuring out ways around it becoming an unavoidable mess when I JUST need a T-shirt!

Clearing out around and under my bed to better utilize that area is where I started. I pulled out a trash bag and when I looked to see what was inside a smile came to my face.

Forgotten Treasures!!
Here's a few of the (mostly) 90s treasures

Most people wont know what this is. But this is a judges tape from what I believe is the John Hardin Marching Band's first performance at a competition for Music Effect. (Yup, I was a band nerd =) I marched French Horn at that time.) I cant wait to listen to it!!

This cracked me up! Its a case for a memory card and it's about the size of a CD case and as thick as two or three of them. Lets compare memory cards to now....haha

Awww yeeaahh!
And the CDs were actually in them, SWEET!

I've always been a fan of Star Wars, but it wasnt until the last year or so that I've really come to embrace my geekness for it. That on top of the fact that Episode 1 in 3D is coming out in a couple weeks and I'm way nerding out about it made me very excited to find this. (Its been promised that we'll go see it for Valentines Day, Yes!!)

This may be from 2003, but I was definitely bummed that the CD wasnt in the case. Probably one of my favorite soundtracks ever.

I couldnt tell ya what year this is from, and I've never listened to it or even know if its been recorded over (That's a task for tomorrow!) but a Jane Fonda tape just made me giggle and I actually remember seeing it when I was little.

Go digging for your old treasures! It keeps you young and can definitely give you some great laughs.


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