Friday, January 27, 2012

Boys, Boys, interesting they are

Yesterday we checked out what my * girls *  have been up to. As promised, today we see the boys. They were far more wild this week!

T man =)

T had a great time "fighting" Uncle Spencer

I love the motion captured in some of these
Karate Kick!

This reminds me of Dash from The Incredibles!

Spencer lost.... =/ This is why boys should know not to play rough!

Turner was just "on" that day haha

Such a true boy right here

He is just such a goober. "Mommy, take picture!"

It was so fun to watch my brother play with Turner like that and get sooo many pictures out of it. Those boys sure can drive me crazy though!!



  1. T is so big!! He and E would wear each other out, I'm sure. Boys have sooo much energy! They need to share it with us. :)