Thursday, January 12, 2012

Past Projects

Shortly before my girls were born, I up and decided I was going to sew and make everything for them myself; even all the way to cloth diapers. (But after not being able to find the right material and two stints in the hospital, those ended up just getting purchased.) I very much surprised myself with my outcomes because everything I've made - minus two or three articles of clothing for myself - has been my own creation and done completely on my own. Never be afraid to just go after something and try it out! 

The first pair of shoes I made. Hand sewn

I was a little more creative with these.
Car Seat covers. I started off with a pattern, but it didnt really fit the dimensions of the seats, so I did most of it on my own.
Drapes I made for the car seats. I was so in love with this Tudor Rose patterned fabric!

And the underside. I attached snaps to the ribbons and the outer side of the fabric and they could be detached to use as a blanket. I didnt want them to be useless later especially with how much I liked the fabric.
These are crib dividers/toy holders. I felt quite ingenious when I came up with these for my twins to share a bed until they were bigger without rolling over on each other and bothering the other.
These were my first try at bibs but I cut them too narrow and was pretty much just wrong all around. BUT I took the mess up and turned them into bath mitts.
Ribbon edged burp cloths.
Reversible Bedding
Reusable bags. I made these with the intention of using them for used cloth diapers when we were out. But they can be used for anything; snacks, etc.

I cross stitched these for a long time. I didnt use a pattern, I just happened upon pictures of this cupid and thought it was so cute. I was able - after lots of charting and agitation - to figure it and the lettering out on my own. I love the little bow that I added after the rest was done. They just needed to be a tad more girlie. I cant wait to finally get these nice and framed up and add the girls' pictures to the opposite side of the cupids (where the "x"/cross is)

Happy Creating!

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