Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Find yourself on the S.S. Question Mark : Soul Searching Question

"Its a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes me happy." - Lucielle Ball

About September last year..2010...I drove into some serious soul searching. I wasnt able to go to a counselor or anyone, so I searched the web and found a bunch of soul searching questions to work through. I'm going to put up one a week. Finding oneself is never ending, but this can give you a starting point.

What the absolute most important thing to do or keep in mind is that you must be truly honest with yourself with the answers. Open your mind and your heart and just listen...go with your initial-almost gut reaction-answer. If you just ask the question to yourself and dont "consciously" think up an answer and just listen to what your heart is telling you, it'll be much more accurate. The hardest ones are the ones you really dont want to hear or admit to yourself. I took plenty of my answers with lots of salt. (yano, "take it with a grain of salt.") A lot of the questions are super basic, easy questions....seemingly. It's these simple things that are so over looked and assumed that they can actually be pretty hard.

When I started these questions, I got out my favorite notebook and designated a whole huge section to it, allowing myself plenty of space to write out the answers and even add to them later. I like to go back to them every so often to see if any of my answers have changed or if I have any to add. Life is a always have to add or take things away to make it better.

"What makes you happy?"

Go ahead and scoff a little at the supposed easiness of this question. But take seriously what your answers reeeaally are.

Here are some of my answers (some answered right away, and some added over the last year): Family. Love. My kids. Occasional shopping. Designing. Learning. History. Spending time with friends. Pictures/Art. Music. Helping People. Cooking/Baking. Traveling. Crafting/DIY/Projects.  And a brand new one to add- My blog. =)

Happy Searching =)


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