Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pulled Pork BBQ

You don’t have to go to a restaurant to get good bbq. You can def make it at home! You just need a crock pot. Get yourself a boston butt and put it in your crock pot fat side up. As the meat cooks and heats through, the fat will melt and work its way to the bottom, flavoring as it goes.

You can season the meat as you like, but I leave it simple with just salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Next fill the pot with water all the way to the top, covering as much of the meat as you can. I usually get about 6 cups of water in there. I also don’t pour the water directly on top of the meat. 1) it can splatter everywhere, and 2) it can wash the seasoning from the meat. There’s usually a little bit of the meat not covered by the water-if its not a small butt…hehe...big butts never fit in anything ;) …-and that’s fine. We’re going to flip the meat later and it will also shrink up a bit as it cooks. Set your crock pot on high, put on the lid, and go along with your day. (You can also start this at night before bed and put it on a lower  heat setting, just be sure you check it in the morning and give it a flip.)

 Still had my cuties to play with while it cooked =D

Mickey Mouse time for T

Oops...Time out for Bri
Tea time for Lydi

3 hours in: pre-flip

(Be sure to remove the bone-if there is one-after its cooked for a little bit. Otherwise you’ll get that nasty marrow taste…. :/ blech.)

When the meat is cooked through its time to take it out and shred it up. I do this by using two forks: Holding a chunk with one fork and pulling/shredding it with the other. Just be patient and make sure you have a bit of time to be able to do this, it can be tedious and take a little while but it’s worth it.

Drain most of the water and put the shredded meat back in the pot; switching it to a low setting. As the meat stays warm and moist, I make my bbq sauce. You can use whatever sauce that tickles your fancy, I just really like to make mine.

When its done, I’ll drain out most of the remaining water and cover with the sauce, giving it a really good mix around. Recover the pot and set it to warm. Its ready to eat once covered with the sauce…or even after its just been shredded (especially if everyone wants to use a different sauce). I’ll cover mine with sauce and let it basically marinade in it for a little while. It makes it soo tender and juicy. Mmmm melts in your mouth!

My absolute favorite way to eat this…is on a toasted bun. (pardon me while my mouth waters.) Take a regular burger bun and evenly butter it. Throw it butter side down on a hot pan for a minute and let it golden up. The butter gives that little extra flavor to the bbq, and the crispy toastedness of the bun keeps the bbq from making it soggy. O soooo good!

This is another great option for those on gluten free diets. (sans burger bun of course) My dad likes the Jack Daniels line of BBQ sauces and they are gluten free.

P.S.  A friend brought to my attention that she doesn’t cook as often now that she's pregnant again. This is perfect for that! (Especially if you already have a family.) Its easy, and it can give you plenty to eat on for days…even a week! (I’ve never put it in the freezer-its never lasted that long-but I’m sure it would work just fine) The first time I was pregnant is when I came up with some crazy delicious recipes; randomly figured out how to make egg rolls even. With your weirdo cravings and insane desire to eat…go for it! You never know what you may create! And if its nasty…then who cares, it was funny!

Happy eatin' =)

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