Monday, January 9, 2012

Chicken and Pasta

Another lunch/dinner-time staple in my family is my Chicken and Pasta. It is SO incredibly easy. Not only easy but it is always consistently yummy! Its inexpensive, very filling and can go a long way; always great for families and those who have very little time. To top it off, it reheats well too. =D

You can certainly use fresh chicken breast or you can save a little money and get the bags of frozen chicken. I Always line the pan with foil. With all the juices from cooking, you cant beat zero clean up.

My two favorite seasonings. I have used the Snappy BBQ on literally everything. It is a rub made by a friend of the I really have no idea what is in it!

Cover frozen chicken with your selected seasonings. Dont be afraid to experiment...but I've found that the more simple the better the flavor. Sometimes you just cant beat some great garlic chicken.
Cook according to directions. Turn chicken halfway through cook time and season second side.

I love using Rotini. I used to use egg noodles, but I've found that the rotini holds up just a little bit better. You can use any pasta you chose, though. Boil your water a few minutes before your chicken's finished cooking. Dont forget to salt your water! Once at a rolling boil, add pasta.

Mmmm....This chicken is so good just like this by itself. Let the chicken rest for a couple minutes after removing from the oven-or you'll lose all the juices.

Dice the chicken-or however you like it!- while the pasta cooks.

Drain your pasta

Throw in the chicken

Toss them around

Mix in some melted butter-Mix very well.

Dig in! Super simple, but so good! You could certainly add some red sauce (I'm not much of a fan), grate some cheese over it...anything! Comfort food at its finest.

When reheating I usually add a smidge of butter just because sometimes noodles can dry out a little.

This is another great option for those eating Gluten Free. Naturally you would need to get a GF pasta, but everything else would be the same! There's a lot more pasta options out there now. The only thing that I've noticed while watching my dad eat GF pasta is that it doesnt always hold up long. The chicken can help make a GF pasta dish a little more substantial. Due to the pasta not always holding up, it may not be the best candidate for reheating later. It will just take a little trial and error.

Happy Grubbin'!


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