Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jackie-O, We love you so...

My first "real" clothing project was a black silk, classic Jackie-O dress. I wont lie. I was pretty terrified. I'm extremely hard on myself and I just cant accept failure; so I was afraid that I had bitten off more than I could chew. I had my eye on a dress book on * * called * Famous Frocks *. It has patterns for dresses of many style icons from Jackie to Madonna. I happened to see it in Barnes and Noble right before my birthday and I just couldnt wait on happy birthday to me. =) Lucky for me, my parents got me a gift card to Hancock Fabrics here in town for my Bday. It was just meant to be.

It comes with patterns for each dress and includes variations. The only qualm that I had with it was that the patterns are printed over lapping and on both sides of the paper. A simple solution was to get some non-fusible interfacing and trace the pattern. It definitely can take some patience! But it's worth it.

I have always been pretty terrible at being able to follow the directions that come with patterns...luckily these were so super easy! I havent made a second dress from the book yet, but I cant wait! AND it will be so much easier since a friend gave me a dress form she was no longer using. (Thank you, Dane Ann!!) I wont have to roll around on the floor while to line up the hem while the dress hangs from the door frame. haha!


I kept with classic Jackie by wearing pearls. She was pretty much never with out them. (Betsey Johnson rhinestone bow and pearl drop earrings; black grey and white pearl necklace.) I have a hard time not wearing some sort of belt with a dress these days. My absolute fave is this Sparrow cinch waist belt from * * (Can you tell I LOOOVE Modcloth??) I finished off the look with my Bulova watch, Juicy Couture Silver Sweatheart-style bracelet and my adorable Betsey Johnson ombre dyed satin ribbon tie black patent pumps.

Here's what Kyle wrote when he posted this picture: "Omg look at her! I have the sexiest girlfriend ever :) not only is she sexy but she is also smart,funny and very talented yeah that lil black dress she is wearing she made that in a couple days! Wow what more could I want I have the total package I'm so proud of you sweetie you did a fantastic job on your dress ;-)"       Aint he the sweetest? =)

Rather than use a tiny and hidden hook and eye closure, I found this beautiful large one. It's nice to have a little something different, especially on a very simple, unadorned dress.

If you dont have a ton of things going on and three kiddos to chase and take care of, this is a surprisingly quick dress to make. It did take me two days to complete it, but that was including all the stops I had to make. It's not the most perfect dress ever created, but I'm so proud of myself for seeing it through and that I'm actually proud to wear it. =) Pat on the back for me!

Happy Creating!!


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