Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just a lil' snack

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was taking a much needed technology break. It's funny how addicted we are yet so relieved when we put our phones or computers away for a day.


On to my little snack!

These were pretty popular this year, and I dont even really know what to call them! I made these for Christmas and they were soo good! First off, you need pretzels. Mini twists or the little square ones, it doesnt matter. I made them with Kisses and Rolos, topped with an M&M, Reese Piece or almond.

Lay out parchment paper on a baking sheet. (I was out so I had to improvise with wax paper...I really wasnt a fan.) Next lay out the pretzels in rows and top with your candy of choice. Put in the oven set at between 250 and 280 only for a few minutes. The Rolos melt faster than the Kisses so you may want to do them separately. When you take them out they will just look a little shiny, not melted all over the place, like pictured above.
Carefully press an M&M or whatever else you have chosen into the top of the chocolate then let cool and set up in the fridge. Our favorite way to eat them was cold. The caramel in the Rolo may be a tad hard, but its so good.
** Be careful not to have your oven too hot or this is what will happen to your chocolate! ** My first batch was flawless...but with these I got impatient and set the oven too hot thinking it would be easier. I was so wrong. The chocolate actually kind of hardened and it was extremely difficult to press the candies into it. The chocolate was hot but not melted. This is why it is always important to slowly melt your chocolate over lower heat!! Otherwise it isnt tempered properly. Fortunately, it still tasted and ate the same...just wasnt as pretty as my first batch. (Which of course I didnt get pictures of. =(  Bummer.) 

GF: Glutino is a brand that has Gluten Free Pretzels. Snyder's is also GF. (Just be sure you ALWAYS read the labels and ingredient lists.) So this is another easy and yummy GF snack.


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