Monday, January 2, 2012

Holidays and lots of firsts

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! We had a lot of "firsts" this year in our house. It was the first time I've really played Santa and had to put together toys after the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve. It was my and Kyle's first Christmas together and his first time playing Santa as well. The kids did great and racked up quite a bit!

They're gonna go on tour in a few years =)

Silly Mr Bo (we loove these lotso bears. Kyle didnt even know Lotso was the bad guy haha)

Boba Fett jump drive I got for my brother. (* *)

nom nom...

My mom will hate me...but cant pass up showing what scavengers the kids and the pets are! soo funny in person!

The girls werent into the whole unwrapping thing...
But Turner didnt have any problem with it.

Every other year we go to St Louis to visit my aunt and uncle for Christmas. We got to see our first snow of the season and I got to do lots of long awaited frost/snow pictures. (I cant wait to see the painting my aunt makes of this! She is amazing!)

Every time I'm there, one of my first stops is to this huge antique mall. I have left with tons of great items! The last time I was there I scored a basically mint condition first issue of Playboy...yano, the one with Marilyn in it. I may be a girl...but it is one of my prized possessions!

On this trip I found a bomber-esque jacket for Turner, and Bogey and Marilyn photos to add to my old hollywood black and white collection. =D

Later I got this cute belt (and a b&w hounds tooth fedora) from New York & Co and later the sweater dress and tights from Burlington. (Along with some adorable leopard print Betsey Johnson fuzzy socks!)

So, my and Kyle's first Christmas: check. First real time apart while the fam and I were in St. L: check. First New Years Eve: check! We had ourselves a wild party after the kids went to bed. He asked about maybe watching a Marilyn movie since he hasnt seen them...and I was so on board. He picked Seven Year Itch...and we cracked up the whole time. He loved it =) [Could I ask for much more?] It was a perfectly relaxing night and wonderful way to ring in the new year.

I stepped outside this morning...the first daylight of 2012...and was very inspired by the clouds. I loved the dark and the pure white clouds. It may be cheesy, but to me, the wind blowing the dark clouds away sort of represented all the "darkness" from 2011 being taken away and leaving the bright, shining clouds for 2012. There's going to be little-or sometimes big-rain clouds in 2012, but I hope that it hold as much joy and promise that I feel that it does for me and my little family =)


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