Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Destroyer of the New Years Resolution

I, like probably 95% of the population, made the resolution to lose weight and eat healthier.

These monsters ate my resolution.

I made my own chocolate chip cookie dough. Lay out a blob and press down a graham cracker onto the dough. Top with three segments of a chocolate bar. You can use whatever marshmallows you happen to have. If you have regular sized ones, try cutting them in half. This time I had minis and they worked just fine. Top with second graham cracker.
They sure aint pretty, are they?! haha I couldnt get the dough to actually enclose the s'more, so I ended up just plopping another spoon full of dough on top and crossed my fingers! Put in the oven at 375 degrees for about 12-15 minutes. These babies are thick, so you'll have to just watch them. When they're done they'll still look a smidge uncooked in the middles, but the heat from the pan and the cookies themselves will continue to cook them slightly. Always go with the shortest cooking time first then check them-as with any baking.
These were pretty crazy to watch in the oven. They basically enclosed themselves.
They are great straight from the oven. (Let it cool for a couple minutes!) Kyle says he actually thought they flavors were better when it was room temp or kinda cold. Either way... cookies+s'mores? Cant fail; regardless of how "pretty" or not they are. =)

Treat yourself!


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