Monday, February 27, 2012

Mozzarella Bites

While I'm learning to eat healthy and figure out some newer, healthier recipes, I've got a few yummies that I havent shared yet.

I am aware of how hypocritical discussing healthy eating and then sharing a recipe for fried cheese....hehe

I simply took a block of mozzarella cheese and sliced it up. I wanted to stretch as much out of one block as I could so I made them into "bites".

You then dredge the cheese in egg, then evenly coat in bread crumbs. (Just like in my * Schnitzel Recipe *)
I allowed them to set up and come to an even temperature after coating.

I also made some Gluten Free ones for my dad! I used the same bread crumbs from that I used for his schnitzel.

Carefully place a few pieces in your heated oil. I only put in 3-4 so not to over crowd and lower the temperature of the oil. Watch carefully because it doesnt take long! Be sure to rotate each piece. Set each piece on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Try not to leave it on the towel too long, or it could stick like some of mine did.

Here is my first attempt. I just didnt feel like there was enough batter. I saved the rest and repeated the whole process.

The second coating looked much better.

Looked and tasted much better over all. =) 

The goal was to mimic T.G.I.Fridays mazzarella sticks, but some how mine actually ended up tasting like Pizza Hut Cheese Sticks!

I havent tried yet, but these should be very easy to make ahead for parties and put in the freezer. You'd just pop them in the oven! (Like the pre-made kinds you can get at the grocery.) I would try it out at 350 degrees for 6 minutes-depending on the size you make yours. Start short and add on if needed!

Happy Eatin'!


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