Friday, February 17, 2012

Favorite Friday

Today I'm going to share with you a few of my faaaavorite things!

Tazo Chai Lattes. I basically cannot go a morning without it. It's one of the things I look forward to most every morning.

Kyle got me this * Juicy Couture * Bracelet a while back. I had pointed it out to him one day and loved how much it resembled the vintage Sweetheart Bracelets. I kinda look at this one as a modern version.

My * Tweezerman * Cuticle clipper is my ultimate favorite beauty tool. Tweezerman has great products (I also have the tweezers and they are great!) and they stay sharp and last. You may pay a little more up front, BUT you also wont have to buy another one unless you lose it.

Once I discovered these little chocolate babies, I was hooked! I eat them straight from the box. I practically lived on the stuff until I moved back into my parents' house. As you can see, my son attempted to break into them, but he hasnt figured out how to get the bag open yet.

Now these Matryoshkas are one of my favorite purchases ever! All four of these are from * Modcloth *...which everyone knows how much I love that site!!

First we have the "Momma". She opens up into three separate dolls....who are all measuring cups! each half of each doll is a measuring cup going from 1 cup down to 1/4 cup.
This second one is a salt shaker that holds the pepper shaker =)
Last is a timer!
I so love this Matryoshka necklace. The kids call it my baby necklace.

I did wait pretty impatiently for these to ship to me! Super cute teal suede Smoking/Smoker Flats (I've heard the style called both.) from * Target *.

When my Aunt gave me this infinity scarf two Christmases ago, I was actually a little baffled by it. I'd never seen or heard of them. It definitely grew on me though!
These are a sketchbook and a notebook I got from * Barnes and Noble *. I got the sketchbook a year ago and loved the print on the cover. When a few months ago I saw it in a notebook version...I had to have it, and have even bought a second one! I totally want to take the full picture and have it blown up into a canvas print to put up in the house.

These presh little polka dot jars were from my parents this past Christmas. I'm so glad to have a place to put some of my crafting notions....that's cute as well as useful. =)

And lastly, the fabric I used for the background...I am soo in loove with it! I will very soon be making it into a handbag of some sort =D

It doesnt have to be a huge or expensive item to be a well loved, favorite of yours. Those little things in life are what make it all worth it and can mean the most. It can change your entire outlook on your life if you evaluate your blessings. When I'm upset for example, all I need is a Chai to cheer me up. I dunno whats in it, but it calms me enough to sit back and evaluate...things really arent always as bad as I think. =)



  1. I LOVE the little nesters! They are adorable :)

    1. Thanks! I coveted them for the longest time...then just went after it and ordered them. Hoping to have my own kitchen to put them in soon! Haha!

    2. I agree! They are sooo cute!