Saturday, February 11, 2012

Giving away Memories

To me, a great photo session is more than just a couple of posed pictures.

A great photographer can capture little pieces of your heart and soul (yes, as cliche as that may sound).

About a year and a half ago I had the privilege of having a shoot with Audrey Coley. She had my attention after doing a friends wedding photos. My children and I were right in the middle of the upheaval of our family, so you wouldnt think it would be the most opportune time for family pictures. But Audrey was so kind and even supportive and that session was exactly what I, myself, needed. She chased T around a farm and got me pictures that were realistic to his personality; not "stand here, pose like that".

Right now Audrey has a give away going on that she has extended until February 12th...that's tomorrow!! Check out her link to see the give away details:

And here are some photos from our session!!
(There are some doubles-color then b&w, but I just love them.)

Ahh, my little loves =D


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