Thursday, February 2, 2012

S.S. Question Mark : Week 5

* Last week * we checked out somethings that happened in our life that we arent particularly fond of. That can bring us to this week's question :

What is one thing you would like to change in your life?     

As usual I can always think of multiple answers, as I'm sure you can.

I think one thing people usually try to change in their life is to be happy. We took a look at what makes us happy in * week 1 *. To bring that change into your life you'll need to implement a bit more "you" time to be able to include more of those things that make you happy.

One of my answers was "no more stress (caused by loved ones)". You do have to be realistic and plausible. Obviously you cant remove every bit of stress from your life-unfortunately!- but there are certain happenings of it that arent necessary and can be removed. Sometimes this means the removal of people from your life. It can suck. But would you rather be surrounded by people that in the end give you anxiety, or would you rather have a few less friends and be ten times more relaxed? I've chosen to get out of the high school phase of life where I thought quantity of "friends" was the same or better than quality of friends. Its been a slow lesson to myself, but one that I finally totally get.
Family is not exempt from this either. Family is forever, but sometimes you just have to distance yourself from a certain member or remove them completely. I'm not a big encourager of removing your own family unless they're an incredibly bad influence in whatever way. I feel that if both parties are willing to make a better relationship happen, then they'll want to talk and hash things out maturely with open minds and patience. If not, then have a chat and come to the agreement that you'll more or less just leave each other alone and stay out of each other's way.

It is important to make your own decisions in your life, especially when dealing with people and situations talked about above. There are tons of instances that I allowed someone else to basically make my decision for me, and years later it is still fresh on my mind and I hold some resentment. It causes you to lose out on beautiful memories. Sometimes your own choices turn out to be the wrong one and can cause painful memories, BUT they are still YOUR memories.

This is your life. Change everything you can for the best now. You may get a second may be ON your second more procrastinating. =)

Happy Searching!


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  1. I hear you on the quality vs. quantity realization.