Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Toes Smell Like Butter...

But they look great!

Girls are often looking for a new, simple way to make painting their nails cleaner and easier. One I've just came across recently on Pinterest is using cooking spray. I never actually read the instructions on it, but figured out my way. I sprayed it over all my toes then wiped it away (it still leaves plenty behind). Then take a cotton ball with polish remover and go over the nail. Its good to do this regardless of the method, it just helps the new polish stick better.

The first layer was very thin and splotchy so I thought it wasnt going to work. But I did a layer on each toe then went back over them for a second after they had a chance to start drying and the second  layer did the trick. The spray made it super easy to wipe away excess polish that had bled off the nail with my thumb nail.

Another method I've used had been chap stick. Its the same principle: Coat the cuticle with chap stick and then you are able to just wipe any extra away.

To finish it off like they do at a salon, you can purchase a can of Nail Enamel Dryer at a drug store. (I got mine at Walgreens.)

So it's time to start painting those toesies, Spring is only weeks away!!

Be Beautiful!


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  1. Wow, how smart! I never would have thought to do that.