Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goals - Second Update

I am very proud and excited to get to cross another item off my * Goal List *!

24. Sell my first handmade item

A woman from my church saw my * Christmas Pillow * and asked me to maker her one. When I contacted her before I went to pick out fabric she went ahead and asked me to make a second. So thank you, Elanor! And way to go on getting your Christmas gifts taken care of WAY early!

Enjoy, Elanor. I hope you like them.

Here's to hoping for the opportunity to make more for others!



  1. Yay! Good for you :) Isn't it a great feeling once you sell that first handmade item? There's a pride and scariness about it all at the same time. Well, at least for me there is, because I'm such a huge perfectionist! LOL. They are super cute though, Kelsey. Can't wait to see more :)