Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goals for 2012 - 25 on my journey to 25

I've definitely been thinking a TON about goals and things I'd really like to achieve in this upcoming year. I've seen other bloggers do similar posts and its a certain number per age. 25 doesn't seem terribly daunting, but even the thought of thinking up 90 goals for when I'm 90?? I think 25 is a good number to leave it at. It gives me an adequate challenge, but isn't overwhelming and causing me to be set up for failure. I've gotten a bit of a jump start, but I don't feel I have to wait another week to get started on making 2012 my best year yet.
(Not in any specific order)

1. Start a blog
2. Get daycare taken care of and get a job
3. All bills, etc. squared away
4. Have all possessions put in storage
5. Get a sweet camera [ Beautiful Canon T3i ]
6. Get sweet editing software for my sweet camera
7. Upgrade phone!!
8. Finalize divorce
9. Get a house; completely DIY decorate all myself
10. Healthily lose 20-30 lbs (boo baby weight!) and get-and stay- in shape --Especially for my lil' Jen's Florida wedding!
11. Start saving for kids' college
12. Learn to make all types of clothes and tailor
13. Learn to make jewelry and accessories
14. Refocus life and attend church more consistently
15. Make every recipe I've acquired
16. Finish writing my story
17. Do charity work
18. Quit smoking 100% for good
19. Dress and look fabulous at least 3 times a week--I can still look great while being a mom...I know I can!
20. Journal at least a smidge every day
21. Begin a yearly "album"
22. Take a picture of myself every day-no excuses (maybe that'll help with #10 and #19!)
23. Take a picture of each of my children every day--really see how much they grow day by day =(
24. Sell my first handmade item
25. Be a more positive, calm and loving mother-- I do the best I absolutely can, but I know I can do better. And those sweethearts so deserve it =)

Cross your fingers for me!


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