Thursday, December 29, 2011

Joy of Almond

I wish I had created this recipe/recreation myself, but alas, I did not. I found this recreation recipe of Almond Joys-or "Almond Jays" as they're called- on a site called Chow. Almond Joy bars are Kyle and his dad's favorite candy, so I made these for them for Christmas. They barely lasted a day apparently! (You're welcome!)

The recipe calls for using a food processor. Weeellll...mine is currently packed up. I went ahead and skipped that part because I didnt think it was really going to make that huge of a difference. -Fortunately I was right.

I sectioned the coconut mixture into the amount indicated first before I shaped it.

I came up a few short from what the recipe said I would get from it, but I think it is because I didnt run it through a processor.

I altered the chocolate a little bit. It calls for all Milk Chocolate. I ended up being short of what the recipe called for and threw in some semi-sweet chocolate with it to make up the difference. I actually think it was better. It added a little bit of depth to the taste of the chocolate.

I toasted and salted the almonds myself. Yet one more thing I'd done for the first time that I was soo relieved turned out well! I left one without almonds since my brother doesnt like them. So it was a non-dark chocolate mound!

Instead of double coating them, I drizzled the chocolate over them instead. I think the chocolate had cooled just a little too much because it turned into a slow, quite messy drizzle. But they turned out great! I was so relieved at how well received they were. Nothing like recreating something and being told that they cant taste the difference between the two!

Here is the link to Chow's "Almond Jays". They are definitely worth a try!


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