Friday, February 10, 2012

Easy Valentine's Day Prep

Hello all!!

I hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend and holiday!

I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day this year for basically the first time in an incredibly long time. I dont want some big to-do or diamonds or any of the typical V-day norms ingrained in our minds. Roses? Nope. Dont want them. Seeing Star Wars in 3D? Yes please!

As most of you know, I've got three kiddos. That really limits what plans can be made and definitely limits my ability to get all dolled up, so I've started a few days ahead!

Pink Argyle Nails!

Cute, Festive and suuuuper easy!! Last night while browsing through the store I happened upon these new Salon Effect cuties by Sally Hansen.

I tried these for the first time this past fall when I got the black and white Hounds tooth print ones. You get multiple sizes to choose from, peel off the polish strip, gently press onto your nail (start from the cuticle and smooth down to the tip of your nail.) then you just buff away the excess. Done! Do be careful not to try to rush through the smoothing part of the application. Try to do it slowly and evenly or you'll end up with some bumps or creases. One more note: Careful not to pull or stretch the strip because it can effect the pattern and cause small tears in it that look like white lines.

They're about $8.50 per set, but think about what you'd pay at a real nail salon to have hand painted detailing like this. I've paid $40 before and for far less detailing.

Never forget the small details such as your nails; it can make such a difference to your over all look and how you feel. =)

Now Sally Hansen, I'm gonna need you to make Nail Effects for toesies!!!

Be Beautiful!



  1. These are sooo neat! I've been wanting to try them since you first posted about them on FB!