Monday, March 5, 2012

Homemade Chicken Stock

This past November I finally made something that I had been wanting to make myself at home for quite some time: Chicken Stock. It is so, so easy!! I went to Kroger one night for a quick dinner and picked up on of their Savory Rotisserie Chickens. They have a couple different kinds of seasoning, but I am a fan of the savory. This was about $5-6. After a tasty dinner, I removed as much of the meat as I could. It was my first time, so there was more bits of meat and skin than there is "supposed" to be. But hey, I was just giving it a shot!

As you can see...there's still quite a bit on the carcass. The more left on it, the more flavor it gets; but that also means it can be less healthy.
I didnt have fresh herbs/seasoning, I only had dried. I didnt want all the seasonings just floating around so I pulled open a tea bag, emptied it out and filled with my seasonings. That way I could pull them all out whenever I wanted. (I thought I was quite clever!)
The only ingredient I forgot or didnt already have was an onion. It tasted fine without it, but next time I'll include it just to get one more dimension of flavor.
Cover and Boil, then simmer for an hour or two. Keep an eye on it or it will reduce down. I did end up having to add more water to mine because it reduced a little too much. But it was good I did because it was very thick (which I like, but I was the only one. hehe) Besides, it made it a little healthier.
Give it a mix here and there so nothing will stick and it will flavor evenly.
When it was done, I wasnt sure yet what to do with it so I just stored it in the fridge. (It looks way cloudier in the picture than it did in person)

Since it was right after Thanksgiving, I still wanted something super tasty...but still light. Then it dawned on me. Dumplings!
Reheat the stock on about a medium heat.
As usual, dont over crowd! Give both sides a couple minutes for each dumpling.
Make sure it is cooked all the way through and they arent doughy in the middle still. You'll figure out the best balance for it to not still be raw or end up too hard.
And of course, yay for left overs!!

The broth is Gluten Free. (A great option of making things at home!) These dumplings werent GF, but are super easy to make. Take the GF Bisquick and follow the biscuit recipe and ta-da! You just drop the dough in by the spoon full.

Here is the recipe I used for the stock from * How Does She? *.
Now that I know the basis of how stocks are made, I'll be interested to see what else I'll manage to come up with! French Onion soup perhaps? =)

Happy Eatin'!


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