Thursday, March 15, 2012

The girls are back in town

Wee man and I got some great mommy-son time the last week or so. But of course sissies had to come home...that's why I dont have a project post for you today. So I thought I'd give ya a look at the first couple hours of the girls being home was like!

My handsome little man, always saying "cheese!"

Stole her brother's mohawk hat of course!
'Cause girls in mohawks are rad ;)
The girls' cute Veggie Tales Princess Castle wee man picked out for them before they came home. =)
Ohhh yeah...mommy's socks.
Mommy's socks = knee highs

And what little girl doesnt wear their momma's shoes?

They were pretty excited to have the windows open too! Too bad the ground was still too mushy to go out and play.

I love my chillens...but be sure to send positive, patient vibes my way!! They all constantly keep me on my toes and my stress they are lucky they are so gosh darn cute!


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