Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sometimes, there are things that only make sense to me and maaaybe one other person. (That I actually know.) The movie Dr. Strangelove and some of the quotes from it is one of those things. =)

Take a plain canvas.
Select the size lettering you want. I used 2 or 3 inch Vinyl stickers.
Its advisable to use a ruler to get your letters even...but I was in a hurry that day!
To make my canvas at least a little different from all the others like this out there, I took heavy gloss gel...
And added paint to it.
This gives you more thickness and texture. (I'm all about me some texture.)
Because Dr Strangelove is about a bomb, I wanted it to look rough and in some ways mimic an explosion.

Once the yellow was dry, I painted over the center and letters with black.
Carefully I peeled away the letters once the whole thing was dry.

Its a great way to make something like an inside joke, favorite quote or lyric into "art" that you can put up in your home...and get a smile out of every time you see it! =)

Happy Creating!


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