Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Finally, Finally, Finally! I get to FINALLY cross off number two from my * Goal List *.

2. Get daycare taken care of and get a job

In a whirlwind yesterday I managed to get daycare picked and registered for the kids in order for my first day at Bridal Warehouse this morning. =) I'll be honest, I was totally scared about putting my babies in daycare and even broke down crying about it last night because you just never know if you've chosen the right one or not. It's just a leap of faith and a chance you have to take though. The kids really seemed to have enjoyed themselves when I picked them up this evening and even said they wanted to stay. I guess I couldnt ask for more than that right now.

As for my day, I was really anxious and excited to get in there and get started. Anyone who knows even the littlest bit about me know that a bridal shop is PERFECT for me. It'll be a while before I'm on my own on the floor, but I got to shadow a couple of the ladies today and still help clients pick and try on dresses. It will also give me a little practice in learning to do some altering on the dresses or tuxes...helping with number 12 on my list a bit.

There's a few more things I'd like to have work out- some small things, some pretty dear to me- but I'm hoping things continue to pan out and fall into place.


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