Thursday, June 14, 2012

My DIY Bird Cage Fascinator

Having an affinity for almost anything vintage, head ware is something that went by the way side long ago. You look back at the women of the past and it was their hats, their fascinators that made their outfits complete and polished...and lets say it...totally fabulous! These days, yes they're making a little bit of a come back but lets be honest; it really depends on where you live and who you are. Where I live, its definitely not something you see people wearing and you'd most likely get hit with good shock or bad shock. I know you aren't supposed to care what others think of you, but come on. Who wants to be the "town freak", especially when it causes people to accuse you of trying too hard and being pretentious. (Yes, you did detect a hint of bitterness there.) But anyway! Moving on!

I decided I just had to make a little bird cage fascinator for myself. I saw other feathers when I made my * DIY Feather Headband * and then at the fabric store I saw they actually had the bird cage material. The two totally clicked and I just had to put them together. I was so anxious to see how it even would turn out I didn't even do step by step pictures. You will follow the same instructions as on the feather headband except you will want to replace the elastic head band with an alligator clip. It'll take a little while to get the bird cage adjusted exactly how you want it so be patient, play around with it. =)

Once you have your bird cage set, carefully apply hot glue to the felt attached the the feathers. While holding it in place, quickly cover the remaining area with hot glue and cover with a second piece of felt. To attach the clip, I applied a slip strip of glue to the back of the clip and pressed it onto the felt. Then with the clip open, I took a small strip of felt and glued it to the inside of the back of the clip and carefully let it dry. 

That's all! Super easy for a simple little bird cage fascinator. Now....I need some place to wear it! I've got a couple little ideas, so keep your fingers crossed that I'll get to do them and I'll post pictures asap if I do!!

Happy Creating!


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