Friday, June 8, 2012

Style is this Morning's Coffee

Since a certain someone sent me sweet texts to wake up to...and for a rare occasion they woke me up...I am up for the day a few hours earlier. BUT this gives me a chance before the kids get up to write a post I've been thinkin' about the last day or two. =)

I thought I'd share some of my favorite sites; mostly adorable clothes, but there's some others in there too. Some I've shopped often, and some totally brand new to me!

* Modcloth *
Anyone who has read my blog knows I have a little love affair with Modcloth. I love their selection of clothes (of course) and their shoes range from super classic to almost Lady Gaga wild. There's a hundred dresses I could write about, but it's * this little dude * that has gone in and out of stock and slipped through my fingers twice!


Anyone who is into the pin up type style knows her some Bettie Page. 40's hair and wiggle skirts, a nod to when a woman was practically the "ultimate" woman? What's not to love?! You get to sorta get into a fantasy, play dress up. Mixing and matching your modern style with these retro classics are super easy and very in. (Thank you Mad Men!!) And I just have to say.... how cute is * THIS * ??    

If there was even a place I could wear that, I so would! But oh my goodness would my girls look too cute in the mini version!

I believe I found Unique-Vintage before I found Modcloth a few years back. They have a wide variety of vintage style clothes and accessories but they also have special occasion dresses such as for prom or pageants.

           * These * Black crochet shorts are an adorable alternative to a bathing suit cover up!  
Yes, it's a furniture and home decor store, but it is one of my favorite stores ever! I've even crossed Kyle over into a Z Gallerie lover as well =) I have never sat on a chair or couch in there that I didn't totally melt into and want to take a nap. Their decor...chic and yet I can still find a lot of it to be adorable, if that even makes any sense. There's a slight humor to some of their product.

We have discussed * this * rhino head a zillion times and I think we're pretty determined to have it in our home!

This site to me comes across as a go between or middle of the road of Modcloth versus Bettie Page. You get subtle hints of both while instilling its own quiet, modest appeal. I definitely cant wait to get something from here! =)
Shop Refined Retro

 (Most of the sites now have the zoom already on the product picture, so I had to steal their banner to show the dress I dig =/ oops!) * Here * is the dress itself. I have a dress with a similar textured pattern which is probably why I'm so drawn to this one.
I found this vintage and contemporary jewelry shop a year ago and about went nuts. I have pretty much never seen such one of a kind pieces, both new and old. The vintage pieces almost look contemporary and are just so stunning. I only wish they weren't so pricey! But they are high quality pieces and could make any plain T-shirt look fab.
                                             VINTAGE CRYSTAL & BALL CLASP NECKLACE

* This * piece is super simple, I know, but it's one of the ones I've coveted since I found it. I enjoy the outlandish, big pieces, but I am always much more likely to go with something clean and simple.
Ok, I totally admit it. I have spent HOURS on this site attempting to pick out my perfect fantasy engagement ring! Kyle has had his fair share of "Oh honey, look at this one, isn't it amazing?!" =) I just look at the rings on here and think how they just don't make things how they used to. The beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail with things like filigree...yeah. Amazing. (Luckily its making a come back!)

* This * is just an example of some of the beautiful antique jewelry Fay Cullen has to offer.
Going along with the theme of engagement, Ruffled blog is a beautiful wedding blog. You get to see photos from weddings to draw inspiration from, as well as check out DIY tutorials for things to do for or at your wedding. There isn't much you can't find on this site! There's a link to help you find vendors, they offer their own shop now, and even give you the option to "recycle" your wedding. I mean, what ARE you going to do with all those wedding specific decorations?? Send them off to another will-be-bride and help her out on her big day.

               * Here *  is just a quick example of the pictures and ideas you can look through!
Electric Frenchie has a more boho feel to their clothes and accessories. I am new to this site as well, but there are quite a few things that look very promising. =)

( being technologically challenged has struck again and I couldn't get a picture of the dress to post. I'll figure it out, promise!)

* This * dress really caught my eye. I don't exactly have anywhere to wear a cocktail dress, but the beading is so pretty and clever giving the illusion of a drop waist.

* Spool No. 72 *
When the page first loaded to 72, I instantly knew I'd love it. I think it's the simplicity of their look, even just slightly rustic maybe? i genuinely cant wait to order something from this site!

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Yet again, I pick something simple, but * this * dress made me think, "oh my gah! I MUST wear this on 4th of July!" I simply must.

* Shabby Apple *
This site is a bit more well known, especially having been featured in magazines and the like. What draws me in the most is their photography. I could scan through and just enjoy the pictures themselves...and totally forget that I'm supposed to be looking at the dress or the shoes. But it doesn't distract from the product either. The tipping point is that they offer maternity and kids clothes. Pretty much every momma wants her kids to look presh and every pregnant woman out there still wants to feel and look great.
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It is totally in part to the platinum blonde and the beehive...but I'm very drawn to the * Twin Palms * Collection.

I hope you enjoy these shops as much as I do!!


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