Monday, June 11, 2012

Simple Yumminess!

Corned Beef can be an easy and simple dinner option, so definitely don't forget about it! I made some just the other day, and I was looking forward to what I was going to do with the left overs even before it was done cooking in the crock pot.

 A super simple sandwich of strips of Corned Beef, slices of provolone cheese, a little Lawry's Garlic Salt and a good hoagie bun. Toss it all under a broiler for just three or four minutes. To keep your top bun from getting a little well done like mine did that time, try leaving it out for a minute or two while the beef warms and the cheese melts and browns slightly then toss it in. And if it still ends up toasting more than you like, it's easy to take a butter knife and gently scrape off the darker areas.

Super duper easy! AND if you have gluten free bread or hot dog buns, this can work for you! Just keep in mind that when buying prepackaged Corned Beef from the grocery store that has the spice packet included, the cut of the meat will determine your cost. (Aside from the weight.) There is flat cut and point cut. Point cut is often cheaper. When you put it in your crock pot, put it fat side up so the fat will melt and trickle down and flavor the meat. Then all you do is cover it water and add the spice packet and turn on the pot! The cooking instructions on the package I got said 2-3 hours cook time...I prefer mine much longer, easily pulling apart in the pot. A good six hours or even overnight. Leftovers are easily stored in the fridge. =)

Happy Eatin'!


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