Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just a smidge of Helter Skelter

I'm so glad to not be in training anymore at work! Its been much better to really get to interact with the brides and be the one helping them pick their dresses as opposed to standing back and more or less observing. I feel like I must be doing pretty well since my brides have been so surprised that I had just started. It confirms for me that its definitely where I need to be and that I have a natural eye or "talent" for it. =)

The kids have done great adjusting to going to daycare too. So luckily we've all gotten into the groove of this whole me working thing. I think the best day was the day I got my first paycheck. It was so rewarding to finally be earning my own money after so long. The only stinky thing over the last week or two has been not getting to see my man very much at all. I'm working, he's working crazy, crazy hours, and my parents have been playing and conducting in the orchestra for the show my brother is they haven't been able to keep an ear out on the kids after they've gone to bed so he and I can get a little us time.

On a totally random note, I am two pounds away from the ultimate goal weight that I set so long ago...and I really don't know how! I certainly haven't been trying to lose any after reaching my last goal mark because I was pretty pleased with it. Now that I'm here....I'm really not sure if I like it! I've even been feeling overall unattractive. Gah! There's always a catch 22, am I right? I almost feel too skinny, like I'm losing my curves..and that's not what I wanted. I cant say I've really heard any woman say, "Hmm, I think I want to gain a few pounds back." But here ya go, I've said it. I suppose it is time to go bake a cake....

Now that I'm more accustomed to the work schedule and have a bit of a balance going on, I really really hope to be able to get back into my projects and new recipes!!! I know I haven't been keeping up with I.i.O very well the last couple months, but keep checking back! Any thoughts on what you, my awesome readers, want to see??


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