Tuesday, August 21, 2012

S'mores Milkshake

We've finally started to have some cooler weather this week, but it's still warm enough to want a cold yummy drink. So why not combine summer time milkshakes and a camp fire classic-s'mores...no fire required.

Turn your oven's broiler on low and put about a dozen marshmallows on a baking sheet. They don't have to be too close to the coils or these little guys will burn super quick. They only take a couple minutes, so don't walk away.

While your marshmallows are in the oven, scoop vanilla ice cream into a blender. (As usual, I don't measure.)

Add some milk.

Resist eating them off the pan! I've done very well about that...so far...

Pile those little babies in there!

Now just blend it all up.

Rim your glass with crushed graham crackers, drizzle with a little chocolate, add a toasted marshmallow on top or just drink it straight from the pitcher. No matter how "fancy" or plain, it's some good stuff =)


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