Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Holy Moly...

It’s been quite some time since I posted! I.i.O. has been on the mind daily, but everything has been such a whirlwind for me that I just couldn’t find the time to sit and make a proper post. I have practically done nothing but job hunt this whole time, yet sadly employment still hasn’t pulled through yet. It’s taken a pretty big hit on my ego and even my positivity at times, but I’m still goin at it and being optimistic that it’ll happen for me soon. (Keep your fingers crossed and maybe even say a little prayer for me!)

Number 4 on my *Goal List* can finally be crossed off!
4. Have all possessions put in storage
It’s such a relief to have all my things accessible to me again after a year and a half. I’ve been going crazy the last two weeks organizing and basically purging as much as I can… Trust me, I’m about to have a massive yard sale!! The sheer volume of baby clothes and items alone is astounding. Although I still have my big pieces of furniture left to get (since I haven’t had a truck to be able to fit them in) I’m counting it as crossed off! =) I’m so pleased to see my goal list getting smaller and smaller.
Not even close to all of the baby clothes!!!

Another from my goal list is my weight loss goal. I stopped obsessing over the exact amount of poundage I’ve lost, but I know I’ve hit the goal of 20 pounds. I think I’m more pleased with my body than I ever have been…and I think a bathing suit is very close on the horizon ;) I may have tons and tons of stretch marks from my babies, but I feel I am finally at peace with them and don’t absolutely hate them anymore. My belly was their home for almost a year and every home gets gashes in the walls and scuffs on the floor boards; it’s what shows they were lived in.
(Yeeeaaah...I haven't exactly kept up with the goal to take pictures of myself or not always be the one TAKING the photos....oops!)

And one more thing: my girls are potty training! So far Lydia is definitely way ahead of Bridget, but hey, she’ll catch up here soon. They’re also in big girl beds now. They turn 2 in just 3 weeks…so they really aren’t babies anymore at all. Makes me sad but I am proud of my girls =)


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