Thursday, April 12, 2012

Homemade Mini Corn Dogs

Corn dogs arent exactly a gourmet meal or something that everyone thinks of when making something at home, but for some reason these little buddies that make me think of fairs and carnivals and even a little bit of my childhood have been something on my list to make myself for quite some time. =)

Heat your oil slowly.
Soak your skewers in water for 20 minutes so they dont burn.
Plain cocktail weenies are perfect for minis.
Since I didnt know how much batter would be needed, I went ahead and used two boxes of Jiffy.
Throw in half a teaspoon of Paprika.
2 eggs, 1 cup milk.
Give it a good mix, eliminating lumps.
It isnt completely necessary but I threw in a handful of flour.
Slide the cocktail weenie on the skewer, being careful not to let the point poke through the other end.
Dip in the batter. I gave them good, thorough spins to coat them evenly. (You can dip the weenie in flour first to be sure the batter sticks, but I didnt find it necessary this time.)
I found it best to gently spin the skewer to allow excess to drip off but to keep the batter even.
Since I was still waiting for the oil to heat completely...I got a wee bit impatient and coated a bunch of them.
This time I definitely wanted to check the temperature of the oil. Be patient for the deep frying temp of 375 degrees.
Carefully place the (almost) mini corn dog in the hot oil. I did two at a time when I wasnt holding the camera. I didnt want them touching the actual pan so I continued to hold the skewers and slowly spin them so they'd cook evenly. It really only took two minutes at the most. Pull them out and lay them on paper towels to absorb any excess oil.
Hehe Looks like a plate of cat tails =)
I was so excited they tasted so good!!! They were perfect for the kids (I took them off the sticks of course.) and they loved them.

Happy Eatin'!



  1. Tell me how you have so much time to make all these delicious foods with three kiddos?!

    1. I suppose it's more or less my "Me" time. Sooo that would entail the girls' nap time =) Sometimes I get something so in my head that I just HAVE to do it or it will just irk me.