Monday, April 16, 2012

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Sometimes ya just need a little BBQ in your life. Well, at least I do. Today's super easy treat provides a slightly different way of eating it that I've made for a couple years now.

Cook chicken for about 40 minutes (if frozen) in oven set at 375 degrees.
I already had BBQ sauce made. You can use any kind you like.
I learned it's much easier to make a "personal" pizza when making this unless you're having a full family meal, then a regular large crust is great.
You'll need just a tiny bit of Olive oil to brush on the crust later.

Dice up your cooked chicken.

Lightly brush olive oil on the crust and put in the oven for about 4 minutes. Brush bottom and repeat.

Mix the diced chicken with your BBQ sauce.

Spread your BBQ'd chicken onto the crust. Now you can either leave it plain like this (I do) or you can add anything else you'd like. Top the chicken with mozzarella cheese, red onion slices, and pineapple for example. (That's the version I'll be making next, I just get weird about what's on my BBQ.)

Pop this in the oven for about 5-8 minutes or until everything is warmed through evenly and cheese-if you've used it- is melted.

Have at it! You'll probably need a napkin =)

Happy Eatin'!



  1. YUM! I have probably already said this before, but your recipes are all SO great!

    1. Thanks! =) I just kinda make what sounds good to me. Or I'll get inspired by something someone else has made and tweak it (since I'm so picky/particular lol) and try to make it managable to my limitations be it availability, time, or budget.

    2. Then I just hope everyone else likes it! =)